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Welcome to Raleigh Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, Raleigh’s premier oral surgery practice. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care and innovative treatment options for our patients.

Our state-of-the-art practice offers a wide range of procedures designed to restore and enhance your oral health. From dental implants to wisdom teeth removal, full-arch restoration to bone grafting, we are committed to delivering the highest level of compassionate, patient-focused care. Learn more about the procedures we offer.

Dental Implants

Regain the functionality and aesthetics of a complete smile with our dental implant solutions. Our team can restore a single tooth or multiple teeth for restored oral health and confidence.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Safeguard your oral health and prevent complications with wisdom teeth removal, a common oral surgery procedure. Our skilled surgeons ensure a smooth and efficient extraction.

Full-Arch Restoration

Experience the transformation of an entire upper or lower arch of teeth with a full-arch restoration procedure. Using as few as four dental implants, we can provide a durable and beautiful replacement.

Bone Grafting

Improve bone structure through bone grafting. Whether due to trauma, disease, or preparation for dental implants, our experts can add bone where needed.

Tooth Extractions

In cases where a natural tooth is severely infected or damaged, extraction may be necessary. Our skilled team can perform extractions to restore your oral health.

Impacted Canines

If a canine tooth is unable to erupt properly, we offer a specialized treatment known as exposure and bonding. This procedure guides the impacted canine into the dental arch, ensuring proper alignment.

Additional Procedures

Oral Pathology

Early detection is crucial for successful treatment of oral cancer. We provide thorough oral cancer screenings and perform biopsies to accurately diagnose and treat any concerns.