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Meet Dr. Parker

Video Review

Dr. Parked trusts the team at Raleigh Oral Surgery and Dental Implants to provide excellent oral surgery services to his patients.

Dr. Parker's Story

"I have personally known Dr. Hoverstad—Eric—for more than 20 years. I've known Dr. Brian Camp and Ryan Milewski that is here with Eric. Both have the same kind of practice philosophy that Eric does. Very patient and family-oriented. When we have to send someone there, from the time they come in and the front desk sees them, to the time they leave, they're all really happy. My son had his wisdom teeth out here. He came out of it just fine and he's doing great. North Carolina—it's just blessed to have a lot of specialists. It's just really, really nice knowing that they're here for us every day. It's just what we want for our patients: the best. And these guys deliver that."

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